The Two Lives of Napoleon Beazley tells the true story of a 17-year-old African American honor roll student who in the midst of a carjacking murdered the father of a prominent federal judge.
As Napoleon sits on Texas’s death row, attorney Henry Boyd seeks answers as to how and why Napoleon got there and whether or not he can save his life.

Using courtroom transcripts, legal documents, media accounts as well as personal interviews, the play adheres to the facts of the case, exploring both the legal issues as well as a compelling human story. As a popular, high school athlete and honors student Napoleon was an unlikely candidate to end up on death row.

This new play offers a searing examination of race, redemption, personal identity, and the inner workings of the American legal system. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s March 1, 2005 ruling regarding the death penalty for juveniles, the story strikes a resonant chord in contemporary society.


Critical acclaim for The Two Lives of Napoleon Beazley:

“The most important play to see in Texas right now.... Voicing all the opposing viewpoints on the issues of racism, judicial nepotism, ageism, and capital punishment, [this play] presents the story dramatically with heartbreaking scenes that are not at all contrived or insincere. Fleming’s well-knit play unfolds effortlessly before us, evoking pathos for injustice.”
The Austin Chronicle

“A compelling drama [that] does justice to Beazley’s tragic story.”
–The Austin American-Statesman

"The Two Lives of Napoleon Beazley is a ‘must-see for everyone’ ... it is an exceptional play that is sure to ignite dialogue in the community for a long time.” –Soulciti


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